Bum bholey nath

Bum bholey nath

A street artist in pushkar dressed up like shiva. A lot of artist can be seen dressed up like this during festival season .This photograph was taken during pushka fair (largest camel fair) 2013. He was with his mother sitting next to him and asking for money from the tourist who came to see his kid. The reason he was dressed up is just to get some extra money during festival season so that his family can have good meal during that period of time.

Some people feel being cheated on giving rs 10 to these people. A small amount neither make you poor and nor make them rich. I wish people of my country understand with small money they can help these people.

I have never seen a street artist asking money for a reason other than food. Food is maximum they asked for in return of the entertainment they do for you like this kid dressed up in shiva avatar . People came and took photos with them, and instead of helping them with a small amount of money , people blame these artist as fraud .

But these artist never say a bad word for anyone . For them life is just a good dinner at night as they have a new beginning next morning

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