Life in a Metro

Life in a Metro

Mumbai , mayanagri or city of dreams, where everyone is busy in chasing their dreams . So much busy that sometimes I feel people don’t have time to breath properly.From the look of their faces, I can’t predict whether these people are really happy with the life they are living or they just have lost the hope of being happy. This city woke up at 5-6am in morning which can be felt from the rush in local trains or traffic jam on roads. But as the time passes away, so does their dreams.

Here is a scene from one of the evening of Mumbai busy life. Everyone is going home after work. A few still have dreams in their mind while others have became zombies after work. An old man is trying to cross the road to board this bus for home. From the shoulder of this old man, I can tell you that old man has chased his dream for a long time in this city

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