Living on the Edge

Living on the Edge

When I was at her age, I used to go out on street with my parents holding my hand, so I don’t get hurt. I couldn’t imagine myself doing such daring task (Living on the Edge) when I was a kid .But now when I am a grown up man , I found my inspiration in these street artists.

These street artists live a very difficult life with SMILE . A smile which is very difficult to find in modern world. Sometimes I feel we all , who are living in big cities, are not human anymore. We are running in a race like animals and at the end of race, most of us wants to be rewarded with money. But the race is not going to end so soon and as a result before reaching the finishing line, we starts regretting our participation in the race. And their is no going back from that point of time. Either you quit the race or win the race alone.

On the other hand, for these street artists , life is not about finishing a race. They have small dreams for which they live their life on edge. In this photograph, a girl is doing street show , just to have a good meal for his family at night. She does it everyday without thinking of the future and that is what I feel the reason she is doing such difficult task without any fear.

Finally, I would say , When I was a kid , I read a story about a race between rabbit and tortoise. I think now I know the reason why tortoise won the race .

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