Life in a Metro (Mumbai , India)

Life in a Metro (Mumbai , India)

Mumbai is one of the richest and happening city of India. When I was a kid , I heard this city never sleeps. I used to think that this city never sleeps because everyone is enjoying here and busy in earning more money. But the ugly truth about this city can be seen in this photograph where a kid is eating vada-pao on a divider in middle of road.

This city never sleeps because everyone is working very had just to survive in the society. All people don’t have big dreams here, for most of them survival in this city is the maximum they dream for.

Its not like people don’t care about others , actually they are just so much busy in saving their own ass from fire that they ignore the surrounding. Even if you are new in this city , you will become like others in no time.

Every time I go out from my room , I see a big crowd . Everyone is in hurry . The energy of crowd will make you move on your own . You can’t stop and watch the world moving around you. Sometimes I starts moving in search of peace in this city and sometimes I am moving just to be a part of crowd . I really don’t know the reason which lift my feet from the ground and make me move like the crowd and sometimes away from the crowd

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