“Baba ji” is what we call them .I think they are among the most respected people in India. They live a very simple life on streets , near rivers and most of them on hilly areas. Sometimes I wonder how these people survive without a source of income. Yes, they don’t have a source of money. People give them food and cloths to get their blessing and that is how they live. This is not something new in India. Sadhu babas are living their life in this way from a very very long time in India. They have so much religious and cultural involvement that this blog wont be sufficient to describe everything about them .

From my recent observation about these people , I have found that these people have gain a lot of publicity all over world not because of religious point of view but because of the stuff they smoke openly(yes your guess is right) . For them those things are legal in India. I don’t know what they do is right or wrong but I do enjoy their company and their stories. Also they are most photogenic people on the streets of India

I found these 3 babas near the very famous Lord brahma temple, Pushkar , india. The time I pointed my camera to capture them he raised his hand for blessing with smile 🙂

Thanks for reading .. Blessing from Babaji .. Jeetey raho 🙂

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