Street Dance – Mumbai , India

For a moment I thought I was standing in front of four monkeys who were jumping everywhere as if it was an insult for them to stand straight on the ground. Since it was something interesting going on in front of my eyes, so I took out my camera and started shooting these kids. As soon as they saw my camera they went out of control and started doing whatever they have learned so far.

from left to right  (Prateek ,tanuj , sagar, chotu)
from left to right
(Prateek ,tanuj , sagar, chotu)

These 4 kids are part of a group of 11 members and still learning from the rest 7 members. All 11 of them never took training under any teacher to learn these steps for their dance. One of them have a tablet where they play dance videos from hollywood movies and try to learn the same dance move by practicing them on sand near chaupati , mumbai . Here is one such move which they have learned from those video and they call it as eagle move.
Ready to fly



Sagar (wearing red T-shirt ) was an expert of eagle move, while chotu(wearing yellow t-shirt) always tried to do something crazy. Sometimes I felt chotu was trying very hard to get a fracture in his bone . I don’t have name for his move . Here are some of his cray moves
untitled move 1

untitled move 2

Prateek was a support for sagar’s eagle move and also he was very good in butterfly move. Here is how he did that

All 11 members come to chaupati daily for practice because they have a dream of performing on the stage of India’s biggest dance competition . I think this is the reason why people call Mumbai as city of dreams. You start following your dreams when you are a kid and work hard untill you live those dreams. They are currently saving money for entrance fees of dance competition. But from the dedication and hard work they do everyday. I wish them best of luck and I hope I will get a chance to see them on television very soon. Here are some more from these kids
Sagar - Upside down

3 musketeers together

Thanks for reading this post .
Namastey from tanuj and sagar
tanju- namastey

Namastey from Sagar

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