Sunrise. In case you don’t remember how it looks like

I know how to draw it on a white paper but I don’t remember the time when I have seen it with my open eyes. Even if I wake up early morning I find myself surrounded by buildings which makes me feels like I am trapped in a cage. Tried checking out sunrise on mountains , ocean and even on places outside cities but every time there was something between me and sunrise.

I have even started assuming that sun rises in complete round shape until last Monday when I got lucky. I visited Rann of kutch, Gujrat, India where I saw what I was missing from a long time. I went out to shoot sunrise in middle of salt dessert. I was surrounded by kilometers of white salt land. I was waiting for the sunrise looking at the surroundings with cold wind striking my face. Suddenly I saw an colored arc far away from me which looks like a round hut on ground.
Half sunrise
For a moment I was confused and didn’t even notice it on my first look. I turned my head and something struck my mind. “Is it a sunrise?”. I turned around to check it out again and the answer was “yes, it is”.

The situation became more complicated when I asked myself “how does sunset looks like? , aren’t they same?”. I tried to search in my memory the images of sunrise and sunset and I got my answer again. I don’t remember the time when I have seen sunrise coming from the ground. It is hard to differentiate whether I was looking at sunrise or sunset .
It was a moment of happiness as I even forgot about taking a photograph or even a time lapse video. This visit of salr dessert was a really great experience for which I will visit this places again and again.

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