An Unknown Artist

painting on beach1

Before you read this blog entry, I wish you look at the above image and list down the first 5 things that comes in your mind after looking at it.
List ready ?. If yes, then I am sorry to disappoint you as whatever you have imagined is wrong. I guess one of the entry in your list must be “a painting on the wall” .So, is it really a painting?. Who is the artist ?

I have same questions in my mind when I found this pattern. For me, this is a painting(not a normal painting) of an artist . Some people refer him as GOD and those who don’t believe in god can refer him as unknown artist . This unknown artist roam around our world everyday and paint this earth as per his imaginations. From sunrise till sunset , from full moon to new moon , an invisible brush of this unknown artist is always trying to surprise us.

I was lucky that I found his painting near a beach. This is a pattern formed due to waves on a beach. I was walking on the silver beach, Mumbai , India when I noticed myself standing on a beautiful pattern spread over a few 100 meters of area. I don’t know the reason how it was formed. So for me it’s a painting of the unknown artist. If you are still not able to imagine , here I am standing on this beautiful painting.
me and painting

PS: Apologies from the unknown artist for walking over his painted beach 🙂

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