Bhubaneswar , City of Gods

Bhubhneshwar , City of God

When we think about gods in India , our mind start thinking about places such as Varanasi , Rishikesh and few more. But Bhubaneswar is a place in east India which is no less than other famous holy places of India.

There used to 7000 temples in Bhubaneswar in ancient time(that is the reason it is also called as city of temples) out of which around 600 are left now, others were destroyed during muslim invasion. A city full of temples and if temples are considered as home for god then it will not be wrong to call this city as City of Gods as well.

Of all the temples of Bhubaneswar , the most famous is Lingaraja temple which was built in 11th century. This temple is unique because this is the only temple in India which has two god in single statue. The statue is half shiva and half vishnu. The reason for this could be the shifting of lord shiva followers towards vishnu and this temple can be consider as the point where some neutralization came in society . As per local people is it believed that visiting Lingaraja temple and watching the statue of Lingaraja temple is equivalent to visiting all the Jyotirlinga in one day(A Jyotirlinga is representation of the lord Shiva which means the The Radiant sign of The Almighty. It is believed that Lord Shiva first manifested himself as a Jyotirlinga on earth).

PS:Photograph in this post is from one of the temple of Bhubaneswar but not from lingaraja temple.Camera was not allowed inside the Lingaraja temple

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