A ride on a time machine (Kerala back water)


I had heard a lot about the back water of kerala but never expected my last trip of back water will add a new brick on my wall of memories. The trip started from a small village near ernakulam city. When I was boarding the boat with 3 other tourist , I thought I have wasted my money on this boat ride. Our guide was a girl from same village who didn’t understand hindi but speak little English. So like other foreign tourist I was communicating with her in mostly sign language and few common world like name, place , food, eat , distance . stop ?. Initially It was irritating when I started traveling south India, but since I have become used to of this , It doesn’t bother me much now (When you are in kerala be ready to communicate in sign language as most of the people wont understand english and hindi. I remember, I have read somewhere that everyone in kerala speak english but as far as my experience I have found most of them doesn’t understand and speak hindi or english . And I also remember somewhere it was written that people of kerala are not nice , but again my experience was opposite . Whenever they don’t understand you , they will give you nice smile and get nervous too 🙂 and if they understand you they will never say no to help you )

The ride started with introduction of places which we were going to visit and the name of place from where we were starting(not a common name for my brain to  memorize so the time I am writing this blog its unfortunately got deleted  ) . The boat was made of bamboo stick mostly and inside there were plastic chairs for tourist. The boat was good but sitting on chair was something I didn’t like. But just to avoid the starting to get awkward, I picked one seat and made myself comfortable for the ride. 

There were two man, one in front and one at back who were pulling the boat with a bamboo stick(they push the long stick in water and when it touches the ground , the try to push the boat with help of support from ground ).In first 20 minutes we hardly covered 300-400 meter of distance as we were going in opposite  direction of water flow. I already had a doubt about this ride and the slow tortoise movement of boat has made my expectation worse now. I asked our guide “how long will it take to reach the destination ?” and she replied “boat for 10 people , now 4”. So I didn’t dare to ask her another question and started discussing with other tourist the places they have visited so far in India and around the world(Hoping it will the only way to enjoy the boat ride)

After around 1 hour our boat took a turn and we were in middle of nowhere.  I didn’t realize while I was busy in talking with other tourist that we have came far away from city .


Things were really getting beautiful at that time and since I made myself comfortable to that location while talking with other tourist, so it was time to just remove the chair and sit on floor(its always nice to be close to ground or in this case water). But the idea of sitting on boat base was better thn I expected . Now I had clear view of thing around me and I was able to feel the motion of boat. And this is first time when I felt people get inspired from when when looking at me the other tourist also tried the same and now everyone was on floor. 

As we were moving more inside the back water ,things were getting more interesting. The nature was not the only thing that amazed me but people as well. There are small villages established far away from city . The mode of transport is boat just like car in city and water just like road in city . I never thought people still live in these areas in 21 centuries as well.


I felt like boat was time machine who took me 100 years back from time. A partially visible blue sky over my head mostly covered with clouds , trees of coconut all around and I was in boat riding slowing in back water. The cool breeze striking my face and eyes. I couldn’t control myself and decided to take a power nap. So I just changed my position from 90 degree to parallel to boat. And the small swing of boat over water help me going to sleep within a moment.

I woke up after 40 minutes by sound of birds and I was glad that those bird woke me up. I found myself in dense forest and only way going through that forest was a narrow canal of water . Only one boat can pass through that path . The air was so fresh which I never had from a long time . I was able to smell the flowers and forest. The place was so silent that I was able to hear the sound of leaves coming from trees because of slow wind. The sound of birds were echoing , the water was green and this time I even had trees over my had . The view of sky is mostly covered with green leaves of trees. I didnt know where I was and never cared to ask. The boat was definitely a time machine who had now brought me 1000 years back


No one was talking at that moment. We were just enjoying the moment of peace which will be over in few more hours but I wished to stay at that location for at least a week. Away from city , away from noise and just stop that time machine for few more days .

Lived few more minutes of peace and time came we were back into the future. The journey became a memory and truth or reality of life was around me . Sound of vehicle pinching my ear and polluted air filling my lungs again. It was dark there because of dense forest and its dark here too in city because of us.

For more photos from kerala trip please check my facebook  page and flickr account as well 


Happy hours

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