Why kerala is god’s own country ?


I have heard about this title for Kerala(God’s own country) before visiting Kerala and that was one of the reason I actually visited Kerala . So besides traveling and checking out beautiful places in Kerala, I tried to understand why people call Kerala as god’s own country and I found a number of reason for this definition . In India we have a story for everything happening around us and those stories are really interesting as well. I don’t know how many stories which I know from my childhood are true but I can say they are really interesting. Sometimes I feel if newton was born and brought up in India , he would have given a story when apple fell from tree instead of a new law in physics :D.

So Jokes apart , here are few stories about why Kerala is know as god’s own country, which I came across in my recent trip.

1) I asked this question from a few travelers(mostly foreign tourist) and my hotel owner at fort kochin. And as per them , Kerala is god’s own country because it’s beautiful and so much green all around. There is so much natural beauty all around including mountain , river , beautiful beach and backwater lake. But this reason didn’t impress me much because if that is reason then there must be so many places in India which can be addressed as god’s own country.

2) So 2nd time I went to local people with same question and non of them understand what I was saying(some of them were confused as well). But finally I met one old women who used to work at hotel where I was staying and she knew little Hindi as well as English. As per her . Kerala is god’s own country because monsoon comes twice in a year which is unique in India or maybe in world. Because of this twice monsoon people in kerala are able to get good agricultural output from the field. Since it’s unique and god has shown extra favor for his favorite people in this world with a twice monsoon season, we call this as gods own country . She was indeed correct that moonsoon does comes twice in a year and I thought this could be a solid contributor behind the mystery of god’s own country. But just to confirm the answer I asked few more people same question.

3) I met a stranger in local kerala bus and I asked the same question again and his answer is personally my favorite story 😀 . As per him , kerala is the place which god has created only for his true followers not just for everyone. He was Hindu by religion ,  so his story goes like this. Thousands of year ago , lord Prasuram threw his battling axe to seprate a piece of land from rest of the world(India). That piece of land is known as kerala where god’s follower can worship him. This was really interesting story for me :). I don’t know how much truth was in his story but it was something really applicable :). I didn’t find a good reason but stories were really interesting. So I had 3 stories in pocket but I wanted to search for more stories so I kept on asking same question from different people I met.

4) I met a guy of my age who came to do photography at Thrissur on pulikali festival. And as per him , kerala is god’s own county because kerala has more number of gods thn any other part of the world. To me it sound little weird because we Indians worship millions of god. Some of them are common but I don’t think we can claim in which part of India people worship more number of gods, It was so random answer so I never counted it as a appropriate answer in my list of answer but it was definitely as story which I kept in my pocket.

5) Then on my last day trip from varakala beach,kerala to kavalam beach , I met a christen guy of my age. As per him , after death of Jesus Christ , one of the 12 disciples of Jesus who visited different part of world to educate people about Christianity , Thomas Shliha came to kerala. Thomas lived here and educated people about Christianity. He was disciples of Jesus so kerala is know as god’s own county. I was amazed by this story and probably one of the best reason I have heard .

6) I searched on internet as well for the reason and found 2-3 of the above reason on internet as well but one more interesting story I found was that Kerala tourism has taken this tagline from new zealand. They never thought this tag line will increase the revenue of kerala. But after using this tag line the number of tourist visiting kerala suddenly kept on increasing and they started getting huge revenue from tourism(They took my attention as well :)). So they never replaced it with any other tag line.

The last definition sound a little logical to me although I don’t know how much truth is there is this story as well. But I feel kerala tourism just used the tag line to attract tourist and stories were made to support the same tag line

The above search for answer doesn’t mean that Kerala is not a place to visit , It was just a investigation I did which I am sharing with others. I think I have missed few stories but I would love to know them as well. Kerala is really beautiful place, the experience for traveling in karala can not be matched with any other places in India. Like back water trip about which I have mentioned in my last blog post (https://lonelyindia.wordpress.com/2014/09/08/a-ride-on-a-time-machine-kerala-back-water/)  .Also I have seen the most beautiful sunset at kerala during my last 2 years India tour. I felt like god is making painting in sky with so many amazing colors.

For more photos from kerala trip please check my facebook page and flickr account as well


Happy hours


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