Mumbai To Goa Biketrip

Traveling is not a habit or passion , it is an addiction much more stronger than drugs and alcohol. You might have great experience or you might get bad a distressing one, but one thing is sure you will definitely get a new experience of life which is better then sitting inside four walls. There is an old saying, ‘its not the destination which is important , its the journey itself.’ So this time when a friend of mine (Bhishma) asked me to join him on motorcycle ride(White Royal Enfield Classic ) around India , I felt like he had offered me the drug which I had needed from a long time.
Day 1 (Mumbai to Goa) stay at Velneshwar
We didn’t plan our trip much as we decided to go for this trip in only few days (my friend had asked me on 17th Dec and we were on bike on 28th Dec ) but we had packed our self so that we can sleep anywhere and survive for few days if we get in any trouble.
Things to prepare (I might add things needed for this trip as we move further depending upon my experience)
* Bike with carrier on sides (Side carriers are famous and available anywhere, you just need to ask for ladhak Carrier)
* Medicine (antibiotic , medicine for cold and fever), odomos, hand sanitizer, crepe bandage, painkiller, pain relief spray.
* A DSLR and an action cam (Sony as30)
* Sleeping bags and tent for two people
* sunglasses and helmet
Once we had our list checked , we decided to focus on route to take for Goa. We had two options to go to Goa , one was to go via NH17 and 2nd was to go via coastline which is connected through MSH4 (Maharashtra state Highway). Since life near and around highways in big cities looks repetitive so we decided to go through coastline (MSH4) and explore the beaches.
We started our trip on 28th Dec 2014 at 6:00AM from Powai, Mumbai.It was dark outside and we were on the beast roaring on roads of Mumbai. For first few minutes it felt impossible to believe that we were in Mumbai, as roads of Mumbai were empty. A city where you spend hours in queue waiting for signal even if you are walking , we were riding our bike at 60-70km/hour and as we touched the highway we were at 100km/hours. Within few minutes we left city and touched the highway connecting Mumbai with Navi Mumbai as the route of Goa is through Panvel(edge of Navi Mumbai)

Being a photographer and traveler, I ave learned that the most beautiful part of my day is sunrise and sunset. So I couldnt expect a better sunrise or sunset than riding a Royal Enfiled on highway. It was hard to believe but its a fact that golden light of sunrise can make the worst part of the world look beautiful.
We rode our bike for an our after sunrise and I got to know the real meaning of saying “Its not the destination which is important but the journey itself”. It was a winter morning , river of fog flowing over the mountains and trees with bright golden light of sun penetrating through the fog. The scenic view made me feel like a lost world had came up from ground. Sun rays penetrating through the fog creating a silhouette of trees and mountain going beyond my definition of a beautiful sunrise.

We drove for few hours and touched the MSH4 where road is next to clean and beautiful beaches. We had not imagined it will be that beautiful. The road next to coast starts from Harnai-murud and it will be your choice to go on this road till Goa or join NH17 in between your journey.

This route of coastline include a few transport through ferries as well . But going through boat just adds to the adventure of traveling on motorcycle. We took two ferry on first day, One from BAGMANDLA jetty to BANKOT jetty and another one from DHABOL jetty to DHOPAVE jetty.

The route is not as good as straight highway like NH17 , so it took us around 8 hours to cover 350 kilometers from Powai and finally we ended up at Velneshwar at 5PM. We have planned for few months trips so we were looking for cheapest hotel in Valenshwar. But its not easy to find cheap hotel. Most of them are resort and rent start from Rs 1500 per night. So we made deal with one resort owner and placed our tent in garden of restaurant for rs 200 per night.
It was tiring day so I slept early at 9 O clock as we were about to leave for Goa next day early morning at 5 O clock

To be continued….

Summary of south India bike tour

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