Mumbai to Goa (Day2)

Day 2

We woke up early morning at 5 O’clock so we could reach Goa on time as we had two more friends(Nikhilesh and Siddhart) coming from Bangalore to Goa on bike to join us for new year celebration. We covered 350 kilometer on last day and its around 300 kilometer more which we need to cover before 3:00 PM. So we get ready in 20 minutes and left Valneshwar at 5:30AM.

For goa via coastline route we need to take a ferry from Tavsal ferry which was around 16 kilometer from Valneshwar (place where we stayed a night before). It was easy to track your route in daytime as you can ask the route from local people whenever you have any confusion. But at 5:30AM , the probability of finding anyone to guide you is very less. Although we had google maps but that option also didn’t work well as the road near coastline are crossing of mountains covered with forest on both side. We lost our track a few times , sometimes we went in wrong direction and sometimes we didn’t read the signs for direction. But we were glad that a few people still have habit of going on early morning walk. We encountered a few local people who guided us at 5:30 morning and we reached Tasval ferry point at 6:15AM.

First fairy from Tasval start at 6:45AM , and we were the the first and only people (other then few dogs) at Tasval ferry point. So we were waiting at a nearby Dhaba(restaurant with few chairs and table outside but no one was there ) for first ferry to start and meanwhile planning our further journey as well. As the clock was making rounds, the light just before sunrise had made the view more scenic. So we took a video of that location as a part of my short travel video of Mumbai to Goa on bike.

It was 6:40 and the sun was almost about to show up in sky and suddenly we saw few people getting ready for the first ferry trip. People on boat were punctual , they didn’t wait for people to board the ferry before leaving . Within 10 minutes we were on ferry with few more people (3-4 only) and left for jaigadh. The ferry from Tavsal to Jaigadh was longest ferry we took out of our 3 ferry transports during Mumbai to Goa biketrip.

We were at Jaigadh at around 7 O clock morning . We took some guidance from local people for the route which we need to take for goa as we had again two option. We took the one recommended by local and that was again through MSH4 passing Gandpatipule. The road was good and empty and there were small villages in interval of few kilometers, so I will recommend to concentrate on road and sign board while traveling on MSH4. There are a lot of abrupt speed breakers which might cause accidents as the scenic view had already taken your attention.

At around 8:30AM we were passing Gandpatipuley and after Gandpatipuley the beach becomes more beautiful.

The beautiful landscapes we enjoyed during the last day were good but this time the views were more beautiful than before. We took breaks frequently but we didn’t stay for long and kept on moving further. From Ganpatipuley our next destination was Ratnagiri around 35 kilometer away. The road passing through mountains , beaches and small villages had made our journey more beautiful than we were imagining . Riding on Mumbai’s Marine Drive and coastline MSH4 highway is a big difference , which one can understand only after riding thought these two roads.

It was around 11 and we were at Ratnagiri.

After Ratnagiri, we wanted to go via coastline only but we lost our route and went in another direction that took us to NH17 after few kilometers from Ratnagiri. After going on highway for an hour we realized that our road was not going to go back to coastline and since we had traveled a lot , so we decided to continue of NH17.

Travelling on NH17 was not that enjoyably as it was on MSH4. But we had 200 Kilometer to cover in 2-3 hours . So the beast(Royal Enfiled ) started roaring again on highway at 90-100km/hour. We had been traveling for last 5 hours and our asses were hurting as if it was smashed with wooden stick 100 times. We are not regular drivers, so our asses will need some time to get used to such long drives

We touched Goa at around 1:30PM but our destination was Vagator beach .
Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 11.57.48 AM

So it took us another hour to reach Vagator. We reached Vagator at around 2:30PM. We were tired and our cloths were so dirty that we looked like mining workers and to add into this we didn’t have a prebooked room in Goa. So we decided to wait for our friend (Nikhilesh and Siddharat) and meanwhile had lunch.

Our friend joined us at around 4 O clock and after that we decided to stay at Vagator beach only. We got a room for rs 2000 for four people. Yes it was only a room to keep ourself inside walls. A wall just behind our back and our feet were 1 meter away from front wall. there was no space on our sides and that room cost us 2000 because we were tried and didn’t want to search more.

A beer and few puff of WXXX , and we didn’t realize when clock went to 8PM.

Night of Day 2 to be continued……

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