Bullet Points – Nanded & Hyderabad

Aurangabad to Nanded

  • Around 300km. The road full of bad patches. Bumpy ride.


Around Nanded

  • We visited Nanded because of Sachkhand Sahib, considered as Sikhs’ second most important holy site after Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple, Amritsar)
  • Sikhs’ 10th Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, died here & declared Guru Granth Sahib as his successor till eternity.
  • The main Gurudwara, Sachkhand Sahib (also known as Hazur Sahib Gurudwara), is huge, clean & peaceful. We sat there for hours doing nothing.
  • There are a lot of Gurudwaras around. Lots of Sarais (Sikh Dharamshalas) & bazaars. All run for the millions of Sikhs that arrive there every week. The whole area is like a mini Punjab.
  • Just after the Langar Sahib Gurudwara (which is the last one in that area), is the Godavari Ghat. It is by far one the most peaceful ghats we had seen. Spend some time there.


Food & Accommodation

  • Stayed at one of the Yatri Niwas by Gurudawara. 100 bucks for a decent room. But keep your Odomos ready if you are going for this.
  • Had food mostly in the Guruji ka Langar. It’s always a special experience. The scale at which langars work never fail to impress you.
  • Make sure you do some seva.
  • You get amazing Punjabi paratha, chole Tikki, garam doodh & other Punjabi dishes in the bazaars, a rarity in this part of India.

Light & Sound Show

  • Don’t mistake this for your usual light & sound show that you see at Red Fort. This one is in a different league. To give you an idea, the narration voice is that of legendary Jagjit Singh. A 40ft x 40ft water spray is used as a projector screen.
  • It’s an hour-long history of Sikhs & Sachkhand Sahib Gurudwara. And it will keep you glued to your seat.
  • I have limited knowledge, yet I would like to claim that this could be the best light & sound show in India. One can go to Nanded just to see this.

Nanded to Hyderabad

  • Again around 300km. But this route has the great route. Highly enjoyable.

Around Hyderabad

  • We were lucky to be hosted by a Hyderabadi friend. Not only were we shown around but also treated with delicious home-style Andhra food (that is, when we were not hogging over the biryanis, kebabs, meethas, payas, haleem, paans, ice creams & what not)
  • Hyderabad has a long list of places to visit. And I think we missed most of them. We were so mesmerized with Golconda Fort & the views that it has to offer, that each day we would find a new spot and sit over there till 9pm. And then go for our food hunt.
  • The Charminar is nice. But the markets around Charminar stole the show for me. Especially the Choodi Bazaar. I haven’t seen anything as colorful as that.



  • This city is crazy about food. There are eateries everywhere.
  • For me, a city’s love for food is not defined by what you get at its popular joints. Its defined by what you get at a randomly picked spot. And Hyderabad didn’t disappoint us anywhere. That’s how great their food is.
  • PS – Paradise is overhyped. It’s good but very conventional. Try out other places & you will be surprised to see how many great Biryanis this city has to offer.


Overall, I liked Hyderabad a lot (i think it was also because of the great weather during our visit). It’s pretty much like Bangalore, but only with more culture, more modernity, lesser traffic, better roads & amazing food. What else do you need?



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