Short Story-Pushkar , India

You might have heard the famous movie name “Hathi Mera Saathi”, here is a different version of the similar story “Uoonth Mera Yaar”.
I met this kid in camel fair 2014, after observing him for few minutes(he was talking to camel). I finally approached him to ask why is he taking care of this camel so much not the others?. And why are you talking to him continuously, does he understand you?
He said “This camel is my best friend. We play together and if someone tries to hurt me, I just need to call him and he will come to protect me. He has saved me a couple of time, I can’t live without seeing him for one day. And yes, he understands me very well. Do you want to see?. Shall I ask him to kick you? ”
I was not in the mood to see this kid doing his everyday adventure with me. Not sure if the kid was joking or he seriously have such understanding with his camel. I asked him to click a picture while he was narrating stories of himself and his camel.


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