Short Story-Bodhgaya , Bihar

In above picture is Lama doing evening prayer and meditation inside Bodhgaya temple.I tried to click when his eyes were closed but somehow he sensed my presence and I got this photograph.

Most people already know this fact that Buddhist people are considered as peace-loving people around the world and even Bhutan is considered as a country with maximum happiness Index. Most of them dedicate their life in achieving something which most of us don’t understand. They never get married, do meditation and live away from society. For them, purity of soul is important for human life instead of all other pleasures which one can get.

I had been in conversation with lamas around India and Bhutan. And it’s surprising I never came across Lamas who had opted this path on its own. Most lamas are sent by their parents at the very young age of 3-4 years. At some places, it’s compulsory to send one of the boys from family to become a Lama or they have to donate some money in the monastery as compensation. It will be unfair to assume that a kid at age of 3-4 year is ready to take the decision about his life.

So how can a path of happiness and peace be given to young when they are not aware of anything?

Although a good part is, after completing the basic Buddhist education, most lamas are given the option to either continue living the same life of lama or go with society(get married and have kids). But Is it possible that someone who was away from society will be able to adjust himself perfectly ?.

I feel sometimes it’s better to leave your life on destiny and just go with the flow. It’s better to follow the rules of society, go with the advice of parents or elders because we never know the decision taken on our behalf could be the best decision for us.

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