Short Story- Lonar lake , Rare place in India

In above picture is Lonar lake, Maharastra, India. This lake is formed centuries ago by the collision of a meteoroid on earth.  It’s the only place in India and one of the rarest location for travel across India, some people also claim it to be the only place in South Asia(not sure about the fact)
A surprising fact about this lake is that the water in the lake is salty but the groundwater near around the lake is normal. It’s a surprising behavior for many but no one has been able to find the real reason behind. And one must be wondering about any mythological story related to this place. I am not sure about the story but, Yes local will share some stories and you may find a temple located in the border area of the lake. 

You can read more about this place in below link

Click to access Maloof_2010_GSABull.pdf

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