Poem from Tonglu(On way to Sandhaphu), West Bengal, India

We went from Darjeeling towards Sandhaphu to get the closest view of Kanchanjanga mountain. We got the first clear view when we reached Tonglu where Bhishma is  Jumping with excitement when we saw the sleeping buddha mountain (in the background). A little poem I wrote during our stay in Tonglu

On this coldest night, millions of stars in the sky
Always I wonder, which one of them is mine
Look around I find no light
Am I in a dream or it’s my real life
Cold breeze when I breathe, my body shiver my brain freezes
But my heart say stay here till sunrise
And I sleep with memories in my dream all night

I woke up for sunrise
I feel mesmerized when I see clear view of buddha still asleep
Sun tried hard to wake him up all the time
But he kept on sleeping covered with ice

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