Short Stort from Swarastra, Gujarat, India

This picture was taken during the early morning ride in Swarastra area, Gujarat, India. This picture was taken in summer (April) not in winter. We were surprised to see the weather and I still remember the 50-meter visibility on road during summer in that area. We were lucky that so many times we survived getting hit but Truck ūüėé.

Why we used to ride early morning?
I was doing my job(work from home for IBM) during first 12 months of the journey across India. And it was the reason we used to start early morning so I could reach a place by 11 am where I get the internet to connect my laptop to office work.
But we believe that everything happens for a good reason if you are doing a good work. It was really the most difficult task to open our eyes and get on the road by 5 am, but the beautiful nature has never disappointed us. And eventually, this early morning ride had become an addiction for us. After spending a few months on road, the purpose of early morning was not to reach location for work but to catch the sunrise and sunset wherever we were going. (The beautiful golden hours time during which everything looks beautiful ‚ėļ)

PS: we even had a guitar for 2 months but we sold it in Rajasthan because everyone used to look at us as if we are not riding a motorcycle but flying a UFO

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