Short Story from Goa,India

This photograph was taken during the starting days of our motorcycle trip across India(46000+km in 500days). After visiting few beach in goa, we were heading towards the Gokarna but in a midway(south goa) we found a board saying Galgibagh beach. We had a lot of free time to see places around, so Bhishma started searching on google about this place and we found it’s one of the rarest places in India. This beach is also called as Turtle Nesting beach(found on Google).
As soon as we came to know about this, we turned our bike and headed towards the Galgibagh beach 😎. But before we could reach Galgibagh, we found another beach(Talpona beach) and we thought we had reached the location we were looking for.
By checking with locals we came to know that the Galgibagh beach is 1km away and on one is allowed to camp on Galgibagh, so we camped at Talpona beach.

We visited the Galgibagh beach next day but didn’t find any turtle. We asked locals “where are all the turtles?”
And they said: “You are a bit late, you would have found 1000 if you had come here 10 years ago” 🙄

With a big disappointment, we went back to the Talpona beach. We stayed at this location for few days where we met a family from Switzerland. They were both teachers in Switzerland and whenever they get time, they travel across India with their two kids.
In this picture is a father and son, sitting on sand and looking at the beautiful sunset. Father was telling his son some story and pointing towards the first star in sky post sunset. I didn’t understand what they were talking but this surely will be something I wish to do in future. Enjoy sunset and tell my kids stories about my journey

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