Short story from Old delhi , India

This picture was taken inside Jama Masjid(mosques) during their worship time.
While sitting inside mosque we were looking for some stories on the internet about this mosque and initially, we only came to know that the mosque was built by Saha Jahan.
It’s better to have a guide at historical places. But if you are lucky and you keep your ears open you may get a chance to listen to a guide inside mosque who is telling stories to tourist. (You need to pretend you are looking at mosque but your ears are listening to every word which is coming out of guide’s mouth )


The story: Before 1947, the area around mosque was mostly barren land. But after participants, most Muslim people migrated and settled around this place as this mosque was one of the biggest among India. In two direction of this mosque, you will find only Muslim population while other two directions you will find Hindu, Sikh, and Jain mostly.
The distance from red for (Delhi gate) to this mosque is around 1km. And the king used to get bored while walking from his place to the mosque. So a market was built in that one 1km area which is called Khas market (nowadays it will be hard to figure out which market was Khas market).
This mosque is also special as it’s among the 3 places in the world where relics of prophet Mohammad is places. The other two places are in Istanbul and Kashmir


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