Stories from Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India

(Holi in India )
This picture was taken inside famous Bankey Bihari(Krishna) temple during Holi festival. During the festival time, everyone in Vrindavan greets each other saying “Radhey Radhey” while throwing colors on each other instead of “namaste” or hello.

You are allowed to click picture inside the temple but you are not allowed to point ur camera towards Krishna status. If anyone finds you pointing ur camera, that will be last frame ur camera had tried to click.
The Krishna status places inside this temple have a very interesting story behind it.

The status was discovered (came out from ground ) in the nidhivan area. Nidhivan is actually the old Vrindavan area where Krishna used to do Raaslila. One can still find 1000 years old tree in that area.

The status from NidhiVan was placed inside the new temple. And as per stories the doors of the temple (where this picture is taken), are closed after 6 pm because it is believed that Krishna goes back to the place from where this status had come out.

Now the more interesting part, a temple is also made in the nidhivan area. Every evening, the priest place food and clothes inside the NidhiVan temple and lock the door from outside.When doors are opened On next morning, the food is half eaten and the clothes are over Krishna status. It is believed the in evening, Krishna comes from Bankey Bihari temple to this location for RaasLila

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