Story of Bullet Temple, Rajasthan, India

Bullet temple is the only temple in India or I guess in a world where a motorcycle is worshiped. Most vehicles which are passing through pali road take a stop at this temple to get the blessing. It is believed that blessing from this place will protect you from the accidents. The strange belief has a strange story behind it.
This bike belonged to Om Bana( Bana is added after the name to give respect to a man in a few societies of Rajasthan ). Once Om Bana was going for his work and on road, he met an accident. He died on the spot and police took his motorcycle to the police station. But next day everyone was surprised as the motorcycle seemed to be stolen from police station. On searching everywhere in town, finally, police found the motorcycle on the same spot where Om Bana met an accident. Police took the motorcycle again to the police station and next day it went back to the accident spot.
After seeing this incident, they decided to keep the motorcycle at the accident place and made a temple dedicated to Om Bana
In Rajasthan, everyone is familiar with the name of om Bana. The most truck driver we met on our way knows about him, not only this even almost everyone had a photo of om Bana in their wallet. It’s believed that if you keep a photo of Om Bana in wallet it will protect you from accident and these drivers always take a break and spend some time on Om Bana temple

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