Searching for Durga Photo Series

Kolkata streets are one of the most photogenic places in India but at the same time most crowded. It was really tough to cross a road in Kolkata, forget about roaming anywhere you want. Most routes keep on changing from one way to two way depending on what time of day you are crossing. But people are really nice. šŸ˜Š

I survived an accident and managed to get away with a small fine of riding in the wrong direction (fine was a plate of rasgula to traffic police on howra bridge ). It’s definitely one city which makes u fall in love with it but u need to adjust urself with it else it could be the most annoying city for you


Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals in Bengal. It is believed that goddess Durga comes on earth for 9 days(Durga puja is 9 days festival).Artist spends month creating a statue of goddess Durga with all devotion.

During Durga Puja, even a competition is organized between different localities and the winner is announced on last day (numbers are given on different factor one of them could be the size of statue and cleanness maintained ). The cost of building such status range from few thousand to millions of rupees. But on last day all statues are thrown into the Ganga river. It is believed that goddess Durga will go back to her husband (Shiva)


Although our society restricts itself from speaking about sex and prostitution. But a fact about Durga statue which I guess very few people know. More then devotion and art, a very important thing required to complete a statue of Durga and that are the clay for Durga statue were brought from a sex worker house.

Some people say it’s because a prostitute has the most powerful soul as she has been to a lot of pain in life. While some people say, after entering a prostitute house everyone losses their purity and hence the clay just outside the house is the purest form of clay one can find. Also, the artist needs to beg it from a prostitute and it’s given as a gift or blessing. If the artist doesn’t use mud from a sex worker house, it’s considered drugs would be displeased and could curse the artist family.


Durga came to earth to fight the evil Mahishasur who was blessed by lord Brahma to be undefeatable by any human or god. As a result , Mahishasur was ruling the world. Seeing this, all gods went to shiva and asked for help. Shiva suggested to combine powers of bramha(creator), vishnu(care taker) and mahesh(destroyer) into a woman to defeat Mahishasur as the blessing given to Mahishasur didn’t include a woman. And that’s how the supreme power Durga came to earth and defeated the evil Mahishasur.

But all mythological stories are not meant to be read in the temple or recited only during the festival. All stories have a meaning and learning which we fail to take most of the time. The story of Durga tells us that every woman has a Durga walking with her in her shadow. It’s just most of the time we fail to recognize. The Sanskrit meaning of Durga is “fort”, something which is protected and hard to reach. Every woman has it within, but not all of them have realized.

It’s been so long since women have been fighting in our society to get the equal status as men but still, they are considered as weak. So many cases of rape and molestation have been reported across the world which makes me feel like Mahishasur has come back in different form.
So what are they waiting for when Shiva has already given a solution to fight this evil long back. Maybe it’s time when women should realize the power they hold within because in kalyug gods and humans are not going to Shiva to wake up Durga

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