Short Story Dhankar, Spiti, India

We were moving towards Kaza and in between, I took a break to click some photos. Meanwhile, Bhishma saw a board saying Dhankar monastery.I didn’t know about this place but Bhishma had read something about Dhankar(but not able to recall). Some more friend were waiting for us in Kaza and because of no network from the last 50km, we were not able to communicate. We were in the confused state whether to take the diversion to Dhankar or go straight to Kaza where our friends were waiting.

Sometimes the best decision is not to take any decision. We were chilling out near the river and we spent almost 1-2 hours. By the time we came back to our bike, it was already dark and we both agreed not to travel to Kaza during the night and better stay at Dhankar. Now we had good excuse to tell our friends ☺. But as we started moving towards the Dhankar, our friends came searching for us from Kaza. They thought we were in trouble. Finally, we ended up staying in Dhankar monastery for 3 days.

Dhankar monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Spiti area. It’s dated back to 12th century. The mountains which are visible in the picture are mostly sand mountains. It never rains in Dhankar else the village would have been gone long ago.

PS: on this diversion road to Dhankar, you will get a signal point. You won’t find a mobile network in the area of 100 km but if you stand at this particular point, you will get a manageable network to talk to someone or drop an SMS. And the network will be on that particular point only.If you move even 10 meters away from it, mobile network will be gone again 😁

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