Short Story from Hampi, India

All travelers are aware of this beautiful hippies destination in India. Although, one can see travelers from around the world coming to this place but Hampi is most popular destination among Israelis. A village on another side of the river in Hampi is also called as “Israeli village ” because of the major population living in that area is Israelis (more than local villagers I guess ).

We stayed for few days(6 days) in Hampi because we fell in love with this place on our first day itself. It was the longest stay we had during our pan India road trip.Hampi has many stories attached to it varying from the Anjani Parvat(said to be the birthplace of Hanuman) and Sabri lake(where Lord Ram met Sabri who offered lord ram half eaten berries).

But apart from the mythological stories, Hampi is one of the best location for mountain climbers. Not only Indian climbers but Climbers from around the world come here. We met few of the climbers who come every year and some of them are even coming to Hampi since past 8-10 years.

Bhishma tried his luck in climbing and after few fall he didn’t go again. I knew my physical strength so I never gave it a try. For me, beautiful sunrise and sunset were enough to spend one extra day in Hampi 😊

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