Short Story From Hampi, India

This short story is definitely for IT people who are willing to travel. I should have named is as “Place to work for an IT guy, if you have work from home option” 😁

During my road trip across India, for first 12 months I was working for IBM software labs (I had taken work from home option with half salary). We used to travel from morning 5 am till 10 am. Wherever we had reached, I used to open my laptop and start working (thanks to the fast internet these days ). After 4 pm, I used to travel again till 8 pm.

Like the sun going down into the horizon, sometimes even my luck seems to be fade away. One such place was Hampi, Karnataka, India. It was hard to get the internet anywhere and surprisingly that time I was given the responsibility to lead a team over phone call where senior developers from around the world used to join.

I used to climb this small hill every day for work and one day this guy took my office seat. It looks beautiful during sunset but it was hell hot in afternoon.

The network was manageable, so I used to tell all my points to team member and for all their queries I used to reply ” yes I agree with you “. I think this one line is an answer to most of the debates in IT if you don’t want long sessions. Although I am smiling when I am writing this post, but those days I used to ask one question from myself ” why am I giving so much pain to myself for traveling ?”. But I am happy I did all these things ☺

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