Short Story from Varanasi , India

So during my India tour, I somehow went into one of the famous Aakhada(wrestling area) in Varanasi. As usual, I started clicking photos of wrestlers in action without taking permission of any one of them

After a while one of the wrestlers(2nd one from the right who is also state champion) asked me to click a group photo of all wrestlers and my task was to click a beautiful photo of them otherwise, I have to fight with the younger one in this pic. I tried to take photos and trust me the most difficult task in this world is to make these Indian wrestlers smile.

I asked them to smile while I took photos of them but every time they make such bad face as if they have some really bad stomach pain. And when I showed them photos, they told me it’s not good. After around 30 photos I managed to take this photo where surprisingly everyone was smiling. Later they treated me with kachori and jalebi in breakfast for taking this picture

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