Short story of haunted village Kuldhara, Jaisalmer, India

A few kilometer from the Jaisalmer(golden city of India) towards sam sand dunes, one can find a very interesting place also known as the haunted town of Kuldhara. When I tell people that I had been to this place, they normally come up with a common question. “Did you camp inside this village at night”. So first of all, I believe in science but still, I am scared of paranormal things 😀. So we didn’t camp inside this haunted village.
But why this village is haunted ?.
As per stories which we heard, once Paliwal Brahmins used to live in this village. These family had lots of money and very well settled in this area. A guy named Salim Singh(who belongs to the royal family) fell in love with one of the village girls. He was so madly in love that he asked villagers to hand over the girl to him or else he will come to the village with an army and forcefully take the girl. All Villagers gathers near a temple and decided that they would never give their girl to Salim even if they have to sacrifice their life. All villagers decided to leave the village during the night without informing anyone, else Salim would have known. While leaving the village, they even had cursed the land that no one ever will be able to settle on this piece of land.

One more story says, once a sadhu came to this village and villagers didn’t treat him well. As a result, he cursed the land and villagers. All Villagers were frozen to the statue of sand. Later a big storm came which destroyed all the statues. Villagers were dead but their soul’s stills live in that area.

Some people say they have heard voices during night coming from the village. Some people even said when they walk, they feel someone is walking behind them or someone has put a hand over their shoulder. But when they turn around, it’s only wind and silence they find.

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