If you remember this Gompa from Spiti Roadtrip

Every time I went to Leh, I start believing in the theory of aliens visiting our planet. Random structures over mountains feel like an artistic work instead of the pattern as said to be formed by winds.

The mountains are so high, makes me submit myself in front of them. Are those just big mountains formed by the collision of lands about a million years ago or they used to be a home of a different species which lived on earth before humans(we call them god now). How can a land like this exist on earth?. Why Moreh plans exist? (A plain area of more than 50 kilometers in between so high mountains).

Although humans have forced themselves to live in such difficult terrain, but still a major human and bird species can’t stay at that difficult terrain for long. Is it possible we have visitors coming to our land when these mountains are covered with snow (these areas are out of human reach )?.

Is it possible that mountains like mt Kailash are still home to some different species ( that is the reason no one has ever been able to climb those mountains )

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