Short Story from the road, Jaisalmer, India

We went to Jaisalmer during the most inappropriate time of year. It was April 2015, we felt like fresh chicken placed inside a tandoor. We used to travel and explore Jaisalmer only during 5am-9am after which it was unbearable to step outside our hotel room. 

After spending 3 days in Jaisalmer and sam sand dunes, we had literally lost our minds. We decided to face the peak heat of Jaisalmer area and left for Bikaner at 12 O’ clock noon(a roadies task as Bhishma said). It was fun for first few kilometers but later it had become one of the worst discussion we had ever taken. We had to put wet clothes on our face(face was burning because of half helmets) and hand(no gloves) at every 20 km stretch. 

To worsen the situation, after around 100km we were going directly towards the sandstorm. The visibility during that time was was just 200 meters. So it was super hot(temp 49 degree) with a sand storm. But that day we got our trust in royal Enfield bike, we had Very little knowledge of bike and we traveled around 400km in peak summer heat.This was one of the brave and stupid incidents of our trip after which we decided not to do same again. 

But in my friend Bhishma’s word ” Abe darta hai kya?. Dar k age jeet hai (hey are you scared, you will win if you overcome your fear)”. Next day, we forgot what we had decided a day before. We kept on doing these careless things every time during our trip. It’s just after finishing our trip, I feel I should not have listened to Bhishma always, but at the same time, all these things only add to memories ☺

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