Short story of Bird Suicide point at Jatinga, Assam, India

If you are interested in collecting stories, you should plan your journey across northeast India. The unexplored land has many hidden tales, I got to know few of them. One of which is bird suicide point.

This phenomenon doesn’t happen every day. In fact, it happens only during some special weather condition. A moonless foggy night during the monsoon when winds are flowing from South West to east north direction. As per local, for some reason, this particular area of Halflong gets very dense fog after rain. And when villagers light a fire, some migratory birds comes directly into the fire and burn themselves.
Some people say, local villagers used to kill these birds with bamboo sticks lighten with fire. But I have heard a different story.

Initially, naga tribe used to live in Jatinga area. When this phenomenon happened, old naga people thought the place is haunted and they left the land. Meanwhile, Khasis from Meghalaya were migrating in search of a better place to settle and when these Khasi people found dead birds. They consider it as a blessing of god and settled themselves in this area(still Khasi people are living in this land ). For many years the phenomenon considered as natural and later many researched were done over here.

The government has banned lighting fire in this area a few years ago, but nearby villagers told me that this bird even used to hit halogen lamp on street and their houses. The government has even banned halogen lamp but still, some incident has occurred when birds fly towards the head light of car and motorcycle.As per local villagers, the birds are not flying over the land, they come here to kill themselves only. Possibly a blessing for the bird to die at this point.

Due to a lot of deforestation, this phenomenon has reduced a lot. The place where I have parked my bike used to be the place where one can find 1000 of dead birds.

Not sure if scientific research is true or local beliefs. But still, this phenomenon is common during the special weather condition. The best time to witness this phenomena is during august to October every year. 

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