Short Story(folktale) of Umiam Lake, Shillong, Meghalaya, India

Sunset over Umiam lake is one of the most memorable and peaceful time one can have in Meghalaya. But looking at the sunset and at the same time listening to the story behind this beautiful lake may fill your heart with emotions.

The meaning of Umiam when translated from Khasi to English is “water of eyes” or “water of tears”. Other names given to this lake are “crying river” or “lake of tears”.

As per the story , once upon a time, two sisters from heaven decided to come to Adobe of clouds (Meghalaya). Both of these sisters started their journey together from heaven but ultimately only one of them were able to reach the earth. The other sister lost her way in between and never been able to reach earth.

The sister who reached Meghalaya regrets her decision for coming to earth and tears started coming out from her eyes which were sufficient to form this Umiam lake.

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