Short story of 1 less than 10 million gods in rock structures at Unakoti, Tripura, India

Unakoti is one of the sacred places for Hindus. It is believed that if one pray to Gods with a pure heart, all his wishes will come true.

As per Hindu mythology, once upon a time lord shiva was going to Kashi(Varanasi, India ) with a group of 10 million gods and goddesses. On their way, they decided to take a break at this place for night stay. But lord shiva had ordered all other gods to wake up before sunrise as he wanted to start his journey early morning.

Next day when shiva woke up early morning, he found all other gods didn’t follow his order and were sleeping till that time. Seeing that, shiva got angry and cursed all gods and goddesses to become stone images and stay at Unakoti location forever.

Shiva left the place alone, and from that time it is believed that 1 less than 10 million gods stay at Unakoti location.

PS: Not many people visit this place and only one guest house is available for tourist near this location. One can take permission from 2 Babas to camp or they will arrange your accommodation. One of them smokes a lot and another one don’t . Choose your Baba as per your requirement 😀

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