Short story of One stone house , Maibang, Assam

Maibang was once the capital of Dimasa kingdom. Dimasa kingdom has a very wide history and some stories from mythology say Dimasa people are descendants of Ghatotkach, the son of Bhima(one of the 5 Pandavas ) and Hidimba ( princess of Dimasa people ).

Before Maibang, the capital of Dimasa kingdom was Dimapur. But after an attack from Ahom kingdom, Dimasa people were forced to shift to Maibang.

Again Dimasa were invaded by Koches. During the fight, one night a goddess came in Dimasa’s king dream. King requested goddess to give him power so he could save his kingdom. The goddess asked Dimasa king to build a stone house, inside which he will find a weapon to defeat the Koches.

But a condition was kept by the goddess, according to which the house should be built in a single night by a single piece of stone. Some stories even say the king carried this big stone on his back from top of a mountain to this place . 

He started building the house but before sunrise cock crowned.
King felt he failed the condition put by the goddess and left the house in disappointment. This house has cuttings for window and gate but inside of this house is still filled with rock. As per the story, Dimasa king lost the battle with Koches after this incident.

PS: I wrote whatever I remember from my last year trip. Plese send correct in comment if you know any ☺

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