Short story of Mysterious voice in Arunachal, India

On my way to Daporijo, Arunachal from Ziro, Arunachal. Those were the extremely lonely days I had spent on the road . Riding through the beautiful mountains on bumpy roads with no other sign of life except me. The sound of my bike penetrating through the silent mountains giving me extreme pleasure in riding.

I was enjoying the beautiful weather and suddenly I started hearing a repetitive sound. The scary sound of Bird which I had never heard before. I took a break to look around but unfortunately, I didn’t find anything.

It’s hard to find any motor vehicle or life on that road sometimes. So I didn’t have the option to confirm if I had started hallucinating or I am near some rare bird.

I kept on moving for a while and that sound followed me till next village. Sometimes it felt as if it’s coming from a very close distance from me but nothing was around.

As soon as reached village, the sound suddenly went off. That sound is still a mystery to me but I will never forget that sound.

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