Short story of Nag temple, Arunachal, India

Once upon a time ( 1966 around ), Vertak(army force assigned for construction work ) was doing construction of Bhalakupung(border town Arunachal-Assam) and Tawang Highway.

During the construction time, many snakes used to come on this hilltop and they were found drinking water from the stagnated water collection.

One day one of the men involved in construction work killed a male snake on top of the mountain when the snake was drinking water. And it’s said that from that time onwards the bad time started.

Stones from mountains started falling and the weather condition became extremely bad. A lot of female snakes were found near the construction site and these female snakes started biting construction workers. It was not possible to work and the construction work was forced to stop suddenly.

Seeing this one of the major who was posted in that area made this temple. After building this temple the situation became normal and construction of highway was made possible. During last many years this temple has gained name across local and a huge crowd and followers can be seen during Nagpanchmi festival.

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