Short story of Sela pass, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

Sela and Nura were two local girls from a village in Arunachal where soldier Jaswant Singh was posted. For everyday work, Sela and Nura used to pass through the check post where Jaswant Singh was posted and A love story started on the border.

They started living together in the camp site and this news spread among locals like fire in a jungle.

They didn’t marry but still living together and when Sela’s father came to know about it, he felt shameful and couldn’t lift his head in front of other villagers. Some stories say Jaswant Singh was living with both Sela and Nura together.

One day when the Chinese army attacked the check post, Jaswant Singh was in his camp with Sela and Nura. He fought with the Chinese army for 72 hours with help of Sela and Nura who were supplying arms and food to him during that time.

When Sela’s father came to know that Jaswant Singh is fighting alone with the chinese army by making fool of them, he went to Chinese army post from another route and informed everything to the Chinese army. He showed the Chinese army way to enter India through a different route and that’s how the chinese army was able to kill Jaswant Singh by attacking him from the back.

When Sela saw the dead body of Jaswant Singh and came to know that all happened because of her father, she ran to the top of a mountain and jumped. That mountain passing is named after her as “Sela pass” while Nura was captured and taken by the Chinese army and never came to India.

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