Short story – Why small snakes are poisonous

While trekking to the 2nd highest peak of Assam( Borail range, Halflong ), I was warned not to touch a special plant. Because if I do, I will be itching all day or maybe I get some skin infection as well. On asking a local why is that plant so poisonous, a story came to my diary 😊

Once upon a time, there was a big poisonous snake. He was roaming around in the jungle(same area where this plant is ) and came across a village where a few humans were living. Snake wanted to check his poison strength, so he bites one of the villagers and ran away.

Snake didn’t know if the man he had bitten was dead, so to confirm he asked a rat(or rabbit ) to go to village and check.

Rat went to the village and saw the man was on a bed covered with flower and some music was played by some people. The rat came back and told snake that the human he had bitten have become a king and everyone is celebrating in the village.

Hearing this, snake puked his poison over a plant which got absorbed in that plant and it’s the same plant which gives u itching.
Also, few drop of the poison got out of plant leaf and some small snake and insects had eaten that poison. From that time all small snakes became poisonous.

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