Short story of pride between two sisters, Meghalaya, India

This is a story of pride between two sisters (Umangot and Umiew). Once upon a time, these two sisters from heaven decided to race on earth across the Surmah valley (now major part in Bangladesh).

Umangot was younger among the two. Umangot decided to take the easy route through soft terrain even if it would be a longer route.
While Umiew (elder sister) decided to break mountains and made her own route as she always considers herself more powerful than her younger sister. She wanted to take the shortest distance to reach the destination.

Both started from Shillong peak together but they choose different routes. After few days, Umangot(younger) reached Surmah valley but river Umiew was not around her. Umangot waited but didn’t find her elder sister around for many days.

When Umiew (elder) arrived at Surmah valley, she was surprised to see her younger sister waiting for her. She couldn’t bear the insult she felt after getting defeat from her younger sister and decided not to return back home. Umangot(younger ) also decided to stay in Surmah valley thereafter and that’s the story behind rivers in Bangladesh. The route which younger sister had taken passes through Dawki

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