Short story of Guru Nanak Lama in Arunachal pradesh, India

In around 1980, Sikh regiment was posted in this border village of India. Till late 1990, there was no road to connect this village from other parts of India, only means of transport was subsidized government chopper.

So this area became accessible to travelers only a few years ago. But an interesting story tells that this village was in the route of Gurunanak journey to Tibet many years ago.

One night during the 1980s, the headmen of Mechuka village came to Major (of the sikh regiment that time ) and asked him for help as headman’s son was having severe stomach pain. Major decided to see the boy himself before calling army doctor which was far away.

Major went with headmen and tried to give some medicine to the boy but other lamas didn’t allow the boy to take any medicine instead they decorated an idol with butter and rice and started a prayer where they kept murmuring “Nanak” “Nanak”. Once finished with prayer lamas asked the boy to take medicine from major.

The major became curious seeing all these and hearing the word NANAK. Major asked lamas about the word which lamas were repeating in their prayer and he came to know that lamas of Mechuka worship a Rinpochey (guru of Lamas) as Nanak Lama. They believed that Guru Nanak once came to this place and meditated here in a cave. Even now one can find photos of Gurunanak inside the Dorgilling gompa. 

The story just doesn’t end here,  while meditating Gurunanak was attached by a bear.  But the boulder on which Gurunanak was doing meditation came up from the ground and had covered Gurunanak from all sides. The bear was unable to do anything.  Gurunanak kept on meditating in the same place for years due to wich the inner side of turtle shaped rock boulder even have mark similar to the shape of a turban. 

This place was near a river, where Gurunanak used to go for the bath. The route to river passes through a cave and it is believed that only people with the clean heart can pass through that cave.

The place where Gurunanak used to take bath has 3 big holes on a rock boulder, each one having a combination of many black and white pebbles. If anyone wants to about his/her future wish, he should close his eyes and repeat the wish in his mind after which he need to take out 3 pebbles each from different hole. If all pebbles are white then the wish will definitely come true, if all pebbles are black then wish will never come true and if 2 white & 1 black pebble came out, it will doubtful.

You can imagine what would I had wished for (” a world tour on a motorcycle”)  and with no surprise, I found 2 white and 1 black pebbles. 

Now back to the story of gurudwara, Once the secret story was discovered by major, he built a gurudwara at that place and a twist came into to story.

Another version of the story says it was not gurunanak lama instead he was Rinpoche who was traveling in the Himalayas. On his way to Tibet, rinpoche discovered this place and made a note in his diary about this place where people can start living. 

After his death, the diary was discovered by other lamas and two lamas were sent to search for the place which rinpoche had mentioned. These two lamas lost their ways in between. And both of them met again at this location(mechuka near the river ). Since they didn’t find a favorable condition at any other location on their way, they assumed the place mentioned by rinpoche was current Mechuka village only and people were migrated from Tibet to this location.As per this version of the story, rinpochey(not guru Nanak) used to meditate in this cave.

So, some people used to believe in gurunanak lama while other used to say it was not gurunanak but just a rinpoche.

After making a gurudwara at this location, Buddhist people used to come regularly and most of them didn’t follow the rules of gurudwara. The situation became tense for some time as locals started protesting against the construction of gurudwara. They felt like the army is trying to overpower their culture and religion. 

Realizing the situation, a decision was made to keep the place as it was before. And gurudwara was shifted to 100 meters away from this location.

Army officers take care of this gurudwara now, so one can stay this gurudwara for free and have free food as long as he/she wants.


2 thoughts on “Short story of Guru Nanak Lama in Arunachal pradesh, India

  1. Rinpoche name was guru Rinpoche and as nanak name was guru Nanak Dev ji .he was Rinpoche. I had my same experience in Tawang monastery. When I and my spouse visited Tawang monastery they were playing with their instruments . And chanting there mantras when we reached there they increased the volume of their instruments and mantrasit was blissfull. Tears came out of our eyes (both) and we listened it as if it was praises of the god. Then the lama told us your guru Rinpoche came here he was like you with turban and long hair.


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