Short story of double Holi celebration at Hayagriva-Madhab temple, Hajo, Assam, India

Hajo is considered as a home of Indo-Tibetian people who came to northeast India crossing Brahmaputra and Tista Rivers long ago. Some of the tribes migrated and settled out at Hajo area of Assam.

The famous temple in Hajo is Hayagriva temple or stone temple of Hajo(among Hajo group of temples ) which was build in around the 6th century. The main shrine inside temple has a statue similar to Jagannath temple in puri although I am not sure if it was Jagannath status.

But the more the interesting thing about this temple is that it’s not only an important place for Hindu religion but also for Buddhist as well. Some Buddhist believed that buddha had attained Nirvana at this temple only while doing meditation.

And the story doesn’t end here. As per a local, Hajo is also the place which celebrates Holi festival twice in 8 days.

As per the story, “once king of Bhutan was overwhelmed after hearing the color festival of India. King decided to visit Hajo during the famous Holi festival but because of some unfortunate incidents, the king was delayed by 8 days.

Since the king of Bhutan had come from so far place just to witness the Holi festival. The festival was celebrated again for the king of Bhutan. And from that time onwards, as per story from local, this place celebrate Holi festival twice in gap of 8 days

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