The story of Siroi Lilly, Manipur. The Rarest plant in world

Shirui Lily or Shirui Lilly is one of the rarest plants of the world which is found only on the top of Shirui Hill, Manipur, India during June-July. It is believed that during the British rule, Britishers tried to move it to another place but after a long struggle they abandoned the idea of moving it to another place. From that time onwards it is believed that this plant can grow only on top of Shirui Peak.

This plant was discovered by an Englishman around 1960’s and he named it after his wife. This plant has also gained the status of State flower of Manipur, India. Because of the same reason, you may find many shops and restaurants named after it in Manipur.

I went to this peak with a few friends(belongs to Naga tribe of Manipur) from the Ukhrul village and as per them “Once upon a time, a very beautiful and attractive princess(Lilly) used to live in this place with her lover(Shirui). One day Shirui went down the hill for some work but he never returned back home. Lilly kept on waiting for him all her life and finally died in this place. It is believed that Lilly flower which comes out from the soil is because the princess was buried here”

Some people also believe that princess still lives on the Shirui peak. She sings songs to attract handsome people who are crossing the road. If any guy who has listened to her song and found her. That guy had never gone back home.  As per my friend, some of the people had been missing from this area in past.

somewhere on Shiroi Lilly trek

It takes 3 hours to reach the top of Siroh Hill. During the first hour, the hike is very steep later its moderate. With the panoramic view of the mountain, you will never regret a single step of these 3 hours.  In midway, you will find a tree which is the only tree in the stretch of 400 meters I guess. I don’t know the reason but local have named it as a monkey tree and everyone clicks a picture with it on way to Shirui Peak.

Although I went in April, hoping I will at least see Shirui plants if not flowers. But I didn’t find anything on this place.So, unfortunately, I don’t have a photograph of Shirui to share with you. It surprising to know that no one puts Shirui seeds at this places. They come on their own when its right time (around June-July).




3 thoughts on “The story of Siroi Lilly, Manipur. The Rarest plant in world

    1. hello , You wont need guide as the trek in not very long. It will take hardly 3 hours. . On the starting point of trek there is guest house as well for stay but during the trek you wont find anything so better would be to carry your own food. I was staying in ukrul town(which is the biggest place near around the same location ) which is 25km from this place, you can take a taxi from there


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