Short story of the Rehdil lake(lake of spirit), Mizoram-Mayanmar border area.

RehDil lake or the heart-shaped lake is a very popular name among Mizo tribes. Another name given to this lake is “lake of spirits” because, among Mizos, It is believed that all spirit after leaving human body passes through this lake before going to heaven. Some people also called it a corridor of heaven where spirit stay for a time of 7-8 days when all good and bad works were taken care before the spirit is left free to moving towards heaven.

But the name “Rehdil” has a story(folktale) behind it.

Once upon a time, there were two sisters with very cruel stepfather and stepmother. The father took the younger sister to a forest and killed her. When elder sister(Rihi) came to know about this, she started crying. Seeing this a good spirit from that forest came to console her. The spirit took her to a tree with only one leaf. The tree helped Rihi to bring her sister back to life with his one leaf.

But one day younger sister was thrusty. To help her sister, Rihi took help from the tree again and converted herself to a lake from which younger sister could drink water. Later Rihi was forced to change herself to Mithun(a bull-like animal) and started migrating in mountains of Mizoram near Champhai area for a peaceful end. A bad spirit also started following her during that time and never let her settled down to one place until she reached this place where Rehdil lake in now and she settled down permanently.

One more story says a dragon used to live in this lake to protect this lake from the foreign introducer. The very rare tree fencing could be found around the lake which is believed to be rare and very old. Something happened which forced the dragon to leave the lake and just opposite to this lake on another side a temple on small mountain is made dedicated to that dragon

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