In search of 100-foot long root tree, Abhaypuri, Assam, India

I was in Bongaigaon, Assam when I came to know about this tree from local people. 100-foot long root was a big number which took my attention immediately.

A lot of people have heard about this tree but rarely people have visited this place. So for a moment, I had a doubt that such place actually exists or its just people imagination.

But as usual, I love wasting my time. So, I started searching for this tree and it was the toughest part of my journey. It took me 4 hours to locate this tree as most people didn’t understand my language. And the weirdest thing being telling someone 100-foot long root of a tree through sign language (I seriously didn’t know what they were assuming )

Initially, in search of this tree, I went to laal Mati Ganesh temple which is a 16th-century temple near Abhaypuri, Assam

Luckily I found a girl in Ganesh temple who could understand English and speak Assamese. She was the one who helped me search this place.

But again the search was not easy with her local communication skills, Whenever we used to ask for banyan tree from local villagers, we used to get the weird reply. Sometimes people used to point out to the nearest tree and tell me it’s very old. And to be true all banyan tree have very long roots in Assam but nothing fit my imagination of 100 foot.

After the search of 4 hours and many banyan trees, we found this place. An old man asked for the lift and when we told them we want to visit that 100-foot long tree, he guided us to that place.
It was more than my imagination and the search had a happy ending. It is actually unpredictable to locate a root as most of the branches of the tree has gone into the ground and came up.

Ps: if you visit now, you can find two new branches going into the ground and becoming root

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