Short story from Tripura , India

Tripura is one of the oldest princely states of India. It is said to be ruled continuously by 184 kings before merging into India.

Tripura was one of the states which didn’t join India union after independence and continued to be ruled by king Bir Bikram Kishore.

Later during the same year of independence(1947), the last king of Tripura died leaving behind his successor who was just 13 years old. After the death of the king, the kingdom was ruled by queen before the young successor would be mature enough to take over.

But within few months of King’s death, the Tripura kingdom started getting threats from internal as well as external forces. Tripura wanted to be free state forever but the political pressure pushed Tripura to force themselves to merge into the India Union.

The place in this picture is the ujjayanta palace, situated in the capital of an indian state of Tripura. It was the home of Manikya dynasty(residence place of the king) before merging of Tripura into India in 1949.

Later around 70’s this palace was purchased by the government from the royal family and used to house legislative Assembly but later in 2011 this palace is made as state museum and display culture, lifestyle, art and tradition of various communities of India.

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