Short story(folk tale)- why Khasi people eat Betelnut(Tamol) in Meghalaya

If you are traveling in Meghalaya, you will find a lot of people eating betel nut & If you are in conversation with a khasi, you will definitely get an offer to eat betelnut behind which they have a very interesting story.

Once upon a time, there were two friends. One was very rich and another one was extremely poor. They grew up together and have known each other since childhood.

Once the rich guy asked the poor friend that he wants to visit the poor friend’s house and wants to meet his family as, since the childhood, the rich guy had never been to the poor guy’s house.
To which poor guy invited his rich friend for lunch anytime his rich friend wants and promised him to serve food at his small house.So the rich guy made a surprise visit to poor friend’s house. As per his promise, the poor guy went to the kitchen and asked his wife to cook something for his rich friend but unfortunately, they didn’t have anything to cook. The poor guy went to nearby houses to ask for some rice but no one offered him anything and he returned empty handed.

The poor guy felt embarrassed to go in front of his rich friend without any food, so he took a knife and killed himself. Seeing this the wife also killed herself because nothing was left in this world for her without her husband.

The rich guy waited for long and finally decided to go inside the kitchen. When he went, he found two bodies on ground with blood, the water was boiling over the stove and all boxes in the kitchen were empty. He realized, his friend had killed himself because they were not able to serve him food. So he took the knife and killed himself too.

A thief came and found 3 dead bodies. Thief felt if he goes out of the house and anyone finds him. They will beat him to death for killing a family so he also killed himself.

God was looking from heaven and realized 4 innocent people died because a poor man was not able to serve anything to his guest. So God decided to gift Meghalaya betel nut trees.

Now anyone rich or poor can serve something to their guest. And from that time, everyone in Meghalaya eats betel nut and welcome their guest with same.

So in this betel nut package. The poor guy is the leaf and his wife is betel nut. The rich guy is tobacco and the thief is lime 😛

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