Short story Motorcycle & Guitar from Gujarat, India

After traveling for 2 months around south India, we decided to go towards our hometowns( which are near Delhi, India) covering Gujarat and Rajasthan.

It has been so long and we were just clicking pictures and riding a motorcycle. So before leaving Mumbai, we decided to carry a guitar on our motorcycle and somehow fixed it between our luggage on the backside of the bike. Initial idea was to play this guitar on highways or random camping location and do some show off on facebook with photographs.

But this plan didn’t go well at all. When we were on road everyone used to stare at us like they have seen a spaceship (although, No doubt we do look like aliens when we ride a motorcycle).

And It used to get scary when people who were driving a car at very fast speed used to lower the window and keep looking at us instead of what coming in front of them. It became impossible to be unnoticed with this setup on a motorcycle.

And no wonder sometimes because of curiosity, people used to ride parallel with us with a gap of few centimeters(riding and asking questions at the same time). Most of them had one question “MTV roadies so ho(are you from MTV roadies serial)?.

I remember the first selfie anyone had taken with me was in Gujarat. I assume that kid would have posted the selfie pic on facebook and told his friend that he met a roadie šŸ˜€

Although, Initially I tried to explain about my journey but later I decided a common answer for all such queries “nahi bus ghar shift kar rahe hai (No, we are shifting our house )”. And once u tell that answer, you are back to what you were doing without anyone interfaces.

So did we use the guitar?
Not a single time. The journey was itself tiring and my friend Bhishma never actually tried playing this guitar. It became a unnecessary luggage which we carried for almost 40 days and finally sold it in zostel Udaipur.

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