Short story of UP 14 entering Mizoram, India

I took google help to decide my route from Tripura to Mizoram but google map is not the best option if you are traveling in northeast India. Although it’s the shortest but no one actually goes via that route.
On discussing it with Tripura rider club(who also rejected google suggested route), I came to know a different route. I went to some local people as well who also suggested me a different route. I was in a situation where everyone was trying to suggest a different route and it was only creating confusion.

Out of all the routes, finally, I decided to take the one which was suggested by rider club. A night before crossing Mizoram border, I stayed in Jumpui Hills, Tripura. Next morning when I woke up and went for breakfast.

An old woman was sitting on the roadside. I could see the tears in her eyes. So I asked local restaurant owner why that woman was crying.

The owner told me that the old woman wants to visit her home as her two grandchildren are alone. She came here last night but because of no shared cab going in that direction, she was not able to go.

So I decided to drop her home (on Tripura-Mizoram border). Now as soon as she sits on the back seat, she started telling me direction which was not among the one I discussed or finalized.
The route became trail after few kilometers and with a pillion on the bullet, it became really difficult to ride on muddy roads.

Everything was going great until I stopped my bike to take a picture. As soon as I stopped my bike, she started screaming. She was replying to all my questions with either “hmm” or “haa” so I thought she understood English but she didn’t understand a word 😀.

Now I was in middle on jungle with a 60-year-old lady who was screaming as if I am trying to molest her 🙄. I didn’t take much time to get back on the bike. Surprisingly she stopped screaming when I started my bike.

In this pic, Bike was parked next to her house where she treated me to tea and food but I didn’t know why she screamed that time. 🙄

Ps: Because of this route I didn’t take ILP in Mizoram for 14 days

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