Short story from Mandalpatti, Madikeri

We arrived at this place in the evening with hope to camp on one of the peak but all our dreams were ruined when the check post guard asked us to come back before 6 pm and do not camp as an elephant or other wild animal do come at night.

To scared us more, a few taxi drivers also came to us. As per taxi drivers, some of them had even seen tigers and bears during the night and a few went to an extent of declaring that place as haunted.

Meanwhile, Bhishma was giving me random reasons to prove elephants don’t come near the tent and also repeating one line “Darr k age jeet hai”.And I was thinking, my poor Jaat friend didn’t know “elephant se jeetna muskil hai”(it’s hard to defeat an elephant).

We crossed the check post and was moving towards something for which we didn’t have any idea. After riding for few kilometers, we arrived at this point which was the border of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka(as per the board on which this information was written).

While Bhishma was trying to figure out where were we going, I randomly thought about taking a cool picture of my shoes on the handle bar.

And one stupid thing I did was showing this photo to Bhishma, next thing my friend asked was “let’s go to that peak with motorcycle( which is visible between my shoes)”.

First camping and now this weird request. I felt like telling my friend that we are on a motorcycle, not horses ?. But before I could say anything Bhishma fired another question. ” You have been to Leh-Ladakh on the bike and this is small peak” 🙄. ( I didn’t know why everything is compared with experience of Leh)

The reason he wanted to do this was just to make a GoPro video. And when I asked my friend what will we do if the bike gets stuck. He had a super cool reply. “We will lift this bike with our hand and cross that part” (a 200kg bike).

I prayed and decided to try. When I started moving up on the peak I was 200% concentrated and looking at the trail hoping Bhishma would do the recording. But on reaching the top Bhishma told me that camera was off when he was recording. I refused his plan of doing it again and we compromised with only photos but that incident became a memory.

After spending some time over the top we decided to come back. Our plan was to go back to Madikeri, Coorg town and search for a hotel as camping was not allowed. But before this, we had one more challange. It was easy to go up but it was extremely difficult to come back. While coming back Bhishma was constantly pulling the bike so it didn’t get skid else that would be my last day of my life. But Luck was on our side as always, and we finally came back without even a scratch.

While coming back Bhishma was constantly pulling the bike so it didn’t get skid else that would be my last day of my life. But Luck was on our side as and we finally came back without even a scratch.

We were going back to Madikeri from check post and just 1km away when my Jaat friend became Emotional. He started crying for camping like a 2-year-old boy demanding for chocklate. So we stopped our and decided to camp at this location.


We brought 2 omelets from a tea shop on Mandalpatti check post which was our dinner. Since it was cold and we were in middle of the jungle , we had to light a fire and soon an unexpected camping location at mandalpatti,Madikeri became the one of the memorable camping with a bonfire.

One thought on “Short story from Mandalpatti, Madikeri

  1. Nice Information! You described all things about Madikeri very nicely, all the places are fabulous. Also the photos are awesome.


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